• Designer Making A Difference: Michael Kors For The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

    MICHAEL KORS and model Carmen KassCHARITY: Breast Cancer Research Foundation

    “My assistant in the ’80s grew up in a family where three generations all died of breast cancer. She was in her 20s and healthy but thinking about having a mastectomy. So we started thinking of how we could make noise about the issue. That’s the biggest thing — making noise. When people don’t see something on the front page, they think it’s under control. Things have definitely progressed — but there’s still no cure. My life partner’s mom had breast cancer for 35 years. She was an incredibly powerful, strong woman. Now I’m committed to the cause, not just for my friends, family, and clients, but really, for her. She proved that with the right care and attitude, you’re going to go on and live life.” (via)

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