• The Internet: An Army Of Spies Revealed By Firefox Plug-In

    Business, Featured, Lifestyle | by — March 16, 2012

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    We already know that nothing we do online is totally private. Still, just how many entities are following us through the web, right now? Is it 10? 100? 1,000?

    Mozilla, makers of Firefox, have recently released an extension to answer that question. It’s called Collusion, developed in-house by engineer Atul Varma.

    The installation takes all of a click. And in a similar vein to the Password Reuse Visualizer, it will dynamically build an entire conspiratorial web, a la newspaper clippings and strands of yarn, of the groups tracking your path across the Internet as you browse. The effect occurs in real time, continuing until you find yourself a bit too disgusted. Closing the window in nothing short of denial. (via)

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