• Lululemon’s List Of 10 Things To Bring With You On Your Run


    Lululemon is here to help you decide on what you should bring with you on your run: narrowed down to a list of 10 things!

    Under 10k

    1. house key
    Two things that suck: being robbed and getting locked out. Bring your house key.

    2. money (cash or credit)
    Good for emergency fluids (or recovery drinks), transit (hey, there’s nothing wrong with running as far as you can one-way and bussing it back) or making a SOS call (contrary to popular belief payphones still exist).

    3. identification
    You should never go anywhere without ID and your run is no exception.

    4. ipod (optional)
    iPhone, iTouch, iShuffle, i-can’t-remember-the-latest-gadget – whatever your tech heart desires, tunes add a little extra spring in our step and that’s music to our ears.

    11k to 30k

    5. spf lip balm
    Lip balm (with SPF) not only soothes lips (which can dry out after long periods of heavy breathing) but also protects your kisser from the sun. Bonus: It can also double as emergency Bodyglide for those “sticky” situations.

    6. bandaids
    Good for unexpected chaffing emergencies and spontaneous blisters.

    7. fuel belt filled with electrolytes
    Hydration is key.

    8. gels
    Our running guru Tess recommends one for every 45 minutes (plus one extra for good measure).

    31k to 42k

    9. some dry socks (those of you blessed with a sunny climate, skip to number 10). 
We’ve been caught in one too many rainstorms to head out on a 42K run without at least an extra pair of socks. Dry feet are happy feet and happy feet mean strong finishes. ps. we have the perfect pocket to store them in!

    10. bodyglide
    Keep things going smoothly with a little extra help from our dear friend Bodyglide. You’ve already got 30K on your mind, you don’t need to be worrying about chaffing too.

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