• Traci Dinwiddie: A Successful Talent With Strong Artistic Delight


    Following her aspirations for acting, Traci Dinwiddie got her big break when she was cast as Deputy Madeline Chandler in her first full length film, Target Earth. Since then, she has graced the big screen in several films including, The 27 Club, Mr. Brooks, Find Love, The Notebook and just last year, played a supporting role in the feature film, To.Get.Her, which won the Audience Choice award at Sundance 2011.

    Dinwiddie soon became a household name when she joined the cast of The CW’s hit series Supernatural. As a recurring guest on the sci-fi thriller, Traci acts alongside co-stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as the skilled and edgy psychic, “Pamela Barnes.” With her feisty yet flirtatious attitude and stunning looks, Dinwiddie quickly became a fan favorite on the show. Also on the small screen, Dinwiddie has appeared on a number of other popular TV shows including Make It or Break It, 90210, One Tree Hill, and Dawson’s Creek.

    I had the opportunity to learn more about Traci…

    What is it like to go from being a well-known ‘indie’ film actress to such a vast audience that the popular CW series ‘Supernatural,’ generates?

    The support and sincere interest that comes from the Supernatural fandom is incomparable to anything I ever experienced before.  I’ve never seen so much cyber chatter come my way (via social media) until the eve of my first day on set for the episode, “Lazarus Rising.”

    What is like working on set with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles on ‘Supernatural?’

    Jared and Jensen know how to bring the fun on set.  I can always expect friendly hugs, good laughs, and some puppy love! (They each have a couple of dogs that happily roam just outside the studio.)

    Where did your drive come from to create your own web-series, where you will be writing, producing and starring?

    Good question.  What was I thinking? Just kidding.  I believe web-series are a new form of television.  It’s a terrific way to tell a short series of stories on a smaller budget and hone your skills as you go.  There is also an opportunity to explore topics that may have years yet before they are explored fully on television.

    How did you decide on the ‘early 70’s’ theme for your web-series?

    It’s actually based on a woman who happened to be born in the 70′s.  She is in the throes of Perimenopause and all hell breaks loose.  It’s a wacky “coming of old age” story and my personal homage to all the ladies who have made the transition.

    How and why has acting led you to start your very own production company? Out of all the different venues that you could venture towards and develop a brand with your name, why was production your choice?

    Well, production is ONE of my choices; however, I’m just getting warmed up.  I’ve a passion for clothing design, spiritual fitness, and travel.  More will be revealed!

    Now that you have been apart of majorly successful big-screen films, is there anything in particular that you miss about being apart of ‘indie’ films?

    I just wrapped an indie film called “Awakened” in January, so I’m still in that loop.  Personally, I dig making indie films. They tend to have an extra spark of team work energy and more flexibility with creative input.  I don’t think I’ll ever tire of that.

    How did your life growing up in Alaska, contribute to the person you are today?

    I was born in Anchorage, Alaska; however, my childhood years were spread across America with time lived in California, Arizona, Illinois, Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.  One thing I’ve certainly gleaned from that is my ability to adapt to new surroundings quite well. 

    What inspires you on a daily basis?

    Kindness, dancing in my living room, music: (playing my djembe and hang drums, hikes in the Hollywood Hills, my practice of yoga, my T-Bugs (Twitter followers & Facebook fans), & my little tree house of an apartment in West Hollywood!

    What do you love the most about live/theater performance?

    Live theater is always packed with surprises! It’s never the same thing twice.  The audience collectively becomes a participant in the performance where you can often feel a tangible, almost electric charge connecting your presence with their witnessing.  Theater is infused with imagination and will always be my first love.

    How do you incorporate your hobbies and other passions into your everyday life?

    Honestly, my artsy fartsy endeavors are the foundation of my life! I like to start my day with vision journaling and sun salutations. Then, as Rumi’s gorgeous poetry encourages, I often pull down an instrument to play.  It puts me in a radiant, flexible state.  My work as an actress is only enriched by fully living.  If I were to give up my other passions, I think I’d be a bore as an artist and person.

    Out of all the character roles ever created, which role do you desire to play?

    I would relish in bringing one of Tom Robbin’s characters to life!  I’m especially enamored with Kudra in “Jitterbug Perfume”.  I’m also quite smitten with Dagny Taggart and would’ve loved to have played her in the upcoming film version of “Atlas Shrugged”.

    Written By: Michelle Coveny

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