• Invisible Children’s April 20th ‘Cover The Night’ – KONY 2012


    End The Violence Of The LRA - 

    Cover the Night was introduced in KONY 2012 as an awareness event to make Joseph Kony famous. Since the film’s release, you’ve made Kony one of the most famous people in the world. So on April 20th, we will do so much more than create awareness. We will advocate globally, we will serve locally, and we will turn this digital revolution into a physical one when we hit the streets to promote justice for Joseph Kony. Each of these elements plays a critical role in the event,  and we all need to start planning now to make sure Cover the Night goes off without a hitch and has a positive impact.

    Here’s the plan for the big day:

    1. Wear your KONY 2012 shirt all day on Friday, April 20. If you don’t have one, make one.
    2. Mail your letters to your leaders. The end of LRA violence will only come as the result of increased support to the existing international effort. We’re coordinating our efforts so that local, national, and global leaders will coordinate theirs. Because when they agree, change can happen.
    3. Serve your community. Take the lead and get a group of friends together to begin the night by volunteering your time, services, or resources. No act of service is too small, no amount of people too few. Earn the right to be heard by showing the world what it means to be a global citizen. The human connection extends around the globe, but starts across the street.
    4. Hit the streets once the sun goes down. Our message is global collaboration, and it is best communicated respectfully. Vandalism is lazy, and we’re too creative to settle for it. Execute your team’s plan to spread the word about bringing an end to LRA violence. Keep it legal and go huge – that’s your challenge.

    More Details:  kony2012.com/coverthenight
    International Resources:  kony2012.com/international_resources
    Contact an IC Rep about Cover the Night: ctn@invisiblechildren.com

    Check Out The Video Now!

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