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    Cory Almeida Knows How To Make A Crowd Go Wild

    Cory Red

    Cory Almeida knows how to get a crowd pumped up and excited for the performance they are about to see.  He works hard and rehearses each second prior to going LIVE, so that he has all of his angles covered. LIVE …

    T. Hilfiger To Be ‘Image Advisor’ On American Idol Thursday


    Tommy Hilfiger will appear on American Idol as an “image advisor” for the show’s finalists. According to a press release:

    Hilfiger will mentor the contestants to define their performance identities and help guide their style transformations as they fight for …

    ‘American Idol’ Elimination Song To Be Sung By Scotty McCreery


    Scotty McCreery has snagged a new role on American Idol as the voice of the Voted-Off Song, which serenades teary-eyed castoffs after they hear the bad news via Ryan Seacrest.

    The baritone twang of last season’s winner will be heard on a …

    American Idol On Fox 8PM Thursday Semifinalists Are announced

    Entertainment, TV | by — February 23, 2012

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    They survived Hollywood, they survived Vegas, but the final 42 vocalists don’t get a chance to rest this week: They have to sing their hearts out and impress the judges one more time before Season 11′s Top 24 are revealed. …

    Tonight On FOX At 8pm: American Idol Goes To Hollywood

    Entertainment, TV | by — February 8, 2012

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    After scouring the nation’s mid-sized cities for fresh talent, the ‘Idol’ train finally pulls into the City of Angels tonight for the always-dramatic Hollywood Week. Those vocalists who were lucky enough to score a golden ticket converge on L.A. to

    Idol Judges: More Critique Less Easy Let-Downs

    Entertainment, TV | by — February 3, 2012

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    “American Idol” judges Steven Tyler andJennifer Lopez will be harder on contestants this year, and veteranRandy Jackson said he’s retiring his “in it to win it” catchphrase.

    Jackson said on Thursday that Tyler and Lopez were feeling more comfortable in their roles on the …

    Idol: Still Number One On Fox

    Entertainment, Featured, TV | by — January 22, 2012

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    The Wrap reports that “American Idol” continued to slip Thursday night after dropping with its season premiere Wednesday night, while NBC’s new drama “The Firm” continued its slide, according to preliminary numbers.

    Fox’s “American Idol,” which Wednesday night premiered to a 24 …

    American Idol Season 11 Returns Tonight: Four Days Sooner Than Previously Released Premier Date

    Entertainment, TV | by — January 18, 2012

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    American Idol” returns tonight for an 11th season, facing a new wolf at the door as it tries to retain its place as the No. 1 U.S. TV program — not so much age, but competition.

    Rejuvenated by …