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    The Importance Of Goal-Setting: In Life & In Fitness


    The ambassadors within the Lululemon Community, strive to create easy-to-apply goal setting techniques that will work for everyone. See below for some very useful tips on how you can become a goal-setting star today! At the bottom of the article …

    Nutrition Facts About Kale And Why It Is Cool And Good For You!

    Lifestyle, Rising Trends | by — February 27, 2012

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    crispy Kale, Collard greens,root vegetables, butternut soup 002

    Kale facts and what it’s nutrition can do for your body:

    Fiber: Kale keeps you fuller longer. That will help keep your snacking and over eating at bay, which keeps your weight down (so kale helps you stay fit and …

    Our Friend The Bee: And Why They Are Important To Our Healthy

    Lifestyle, Rising Trends | by — February 20, 2012

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    If the rumors are true and the bee population of the world is diminishing, we are going to find ourselves in a bit of a pickle. Not only will the environment cop a beating and our food supply be threatened …